27.11.2012 · Performance.

What Makes an Artist?

Deutsches Haus der New York University. 27.11.2012

An Interdisciplinary Collaboration between Marlene Streeruwitz, Mark Beard and Gerald Busby. An evening of literature, music, poetry, and painting.

… On November 27th we are celebrating the making of art via the invention of an artist and a family member in a truly interdisciplinary collaboration between art, literature, and music. This will be a presentation of postmodernism at its lightest and, at the same time, most profound. Not only will one discover how to establish an artistic aura, but one will also learn how to become one’s own great aunt and how to turn your friend into a cousin, three generations back, to whom you were married, but whom you, after a short stay in Paris, divorced. (deutsches Haus at New York University)